Help 100 Rural Schools to face Covid-19 Challenges


This project will help 100 rural schools island-wide with the challenges they are faced with, not having proper schooling for nearly 2 years, due to lack of resources. The project will focus on enhancing digital and technology knowledge of students in order to provide an education; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) requirements to face any threat from Covid-19 or any other viruses; and development of a healthy lifestyle of students via sports and other extra curricular activities.


The pandemic, not only replaced face-to-face instructions with hybrid and remote learning instructions, but also drastically affected the economic stability and physical health of many families in rural communities. New method of learning has led to compounded difficulties in rural areas, where students struggle with internet connectivity, and also have less resources and direction from their parents. We envisage that this will contribute towards widening the disparities with urban schools.


TF will provide resources lacking in these rural schools, to enable them to overcome the challenges they face, so that they can focus on supporting their students to come on par with those attending urban schools. Such assistance will help relieve them of many issues, and help support these students with extra lessons and required activities, to help raise the bar and reach the required standards.

Long-Term Impact

The project will provide an opportunity to students in 100 rural schools not only to raise their standards to face examinations effectively, but also to build their personalities, in order to progress in life, which will eventually lead to rise out of poverty.