Build houses for 5 village families in Sri Lanka


Tarana Foundation plans to build 5 houses in the North Central / Eastern Provinces to support 5 low-income families who are challenged without a proper source of income, and are unable to build a house of their own due to financial and other constraints they are faced with. This will help to fulfill a long uncherished dream of those families of having a house they can call their own and also, protection from getting wet during the rainy season


People in some rural areas in Sri Lanka are considerably poor and have very limited levels of affordability, economy being driven by agriculture and small-scale industries. Unlike in the traditional communities where collective labor of the village was available to build the houses, it was no more the case with the emergence of government-employed, state-dependent, nuclear-family based new communities. Government failed to provide as expected and the housing short-fall began to increase.


If we provide housing to these rural villagers, they will have a safe and decent place to live, and it will make a difference to those lives who are most in need. To call a place of their own, will also help children and the family mental peace and happiness, and will enable the children to continue with their education in the comfort of their own home.

Long-Term Impact

This project will help the 5 families to rise of out of poverty, and will give them a decent accommodation to live, mental peace and happiness, in the years to come.