Support an underprivileged school in Sri Lanka


Landegama Vidyalaya is a remote rural school located in the Badulla district, Sri Lanka. There are 180 schoolchildren studying the GCE Ordinary Level curriculum. Due to the prevailing financial crisis in Sri Lanka, government funding has dried up for the school, and they are facing immense hardship as a result. This project will support the requirements of the school to uplift the standards and provide an all-round education, and the basic needs of the students to continue with their education


Landegama school is located 200 kilometers from the capital city, Colombo in a rural area. The government funding to the school has sharply declined due to the present financial crisis in the country. Global warming has contributed to ecological challenges making it difficult to upkeep the infrastructure. This project will provide the necessary means to 180 underprivileged children in a rural area of Sri Lanka to get a better education and to help them pursue their dreams.


Tarana Foundation will provide school supplies, sports, musical, and computer equipment directly to the school and the children. They will also facilitate urgently needed infrastructure enhancements. Tarana will oversee that donations received will be allocated appropriately to develop the school and to raise the bar of the students.

Long-Term Impact

This project will provide the underprivileged children in Landegama School with an opportunity to pursue their education and other goals. Such support will help them to rise out of poverty through better education resulting in better employment opportunities that will provide for their family’s socioeconomic well-being and give back to their community.


August 2023

One of the active projects that Tarana is running at Landegama is the construction and equipping of a brand new computer lab. This project will provide the school with ten new computers along with the supporting network, internet connection, and management capabilities for teachers. This will be the first time students at Landegama will have access to computers, and the school has hired a computer teacher to instruct them in this new computer lab.

Tarana and its supporters have spent several months planning, hiring, shipping and constructing everything that is necessary for the computer lab. The computer equipment is currently en-route to Sri Lanka, and the computer room is being prepared and furnished. We are hoping to see the project completed within the next few months.

September 2023

September was a busy month for the Landegama project. In a matter of weeks, the team handled the shipping of computers and equipment, building and furnishing the computer lab, and procuring an internet connection for the school. The computer lab room was redone from the ground up, including the flooring, fixtures and air conditioning, by diligent local contractors. The team also decided to tackle the surrounding area by building stairs that lead to the computer lab, to replace the previous worn down dirt path.

The computer lab was equipped with security cameras, as well as a reinforced door to ensure that the equipment isn’t vulnerable to theft. The room was furnished with purpose-built desks, and new curtains. Lastly, an internet connection was established, including the installation of lines and posts to carry the connection from the local service provider.

Landegama’s new computer lab is almost ready for its students, and we are looking forward to all the benefits it brings to the school and community.

November 2023

Landegama’s computer lab was officially opened this month! The school and community celebrated the occasion with fanfare, speeches and presentations. Representatives from Tarana were there to join the ceremonies, including one of the project leaders, who traveled from the US to attend. The opening was featured in the local news and attended by the community as well. The fanfare is a testament to the impact this computer lab will have on the community, and the Tarana project group is very glad to have completed it as a resounding success.

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