Support Rural Pre-Schools in Sri Lanka


Early childhood education is the first stage of a holistic model that creates supportive and constructive learning for children of all ages. Dehiattkandiya, a remote area in the eastern province in Sri Lanka has 65 pre-schools. We supported 25 pre-schools, in early 2020, by donating a pack of educational and communication material to help simulate motor & language skills and also cognitive competencies of pre-school children. Our target is to support the balance 40 pre-schools, by year-end.


There is substantial evidence that children from economically disadvantaged families are at a greater risk of poor cognitive development than children from richer households. Furthermore the resulting disadvantages in schooling outcomes lead to lower earnings in adult life. In Sri Lanka, although, Primary and Collegiate Schools are supported by the Government, there is very limited support provided to the pre-schools. The rural pre-schools are affected largely as a result.


Tarana Foundation, understanding the unavailability of adequate learning material in rural pre-schools, required to develop a child, launched a pilot project, to support the rural pre-schools in Dehiattakandiya. Our initiative helps the rural pre-schools to be equipped with the learning material required for pre-school students.

Long-Term Impact

The provision of high quality Early Child Education for economically disadvantaged children can compensate for the deficiencies they face in their home environment, and ultimately help break the inter-generational cycle of poverty.