Support Sri Lankan Hospitals get urgent medical needs


Sri Lanka’s state-run hospitals are running out of essential medicine as a result of the current economic crisis. There are shortages of anesthetic drugs used in the surgery, hypertension and life-saving medicines, and antibiotics drugs. The project will support these hospitals with the essential drugs required to treat life-threatening situations.


Sri Lanka’s state-run hospitals which are operated free of charge are running out of essential medicine and medical equipment while the shortage threatens a major health crisis due to a possible medicine supply chain collapse. Sri Lanka imports 80 percent of its medicines, but a severe shortage of dollars due to the ongoing economic crisis has led to a shortage of essential drugs and importers are struggling to meet the demand in the country.


This Project will support the Govt. Hospitals in obtaining the essential medicine and medical equipment to treat those patients with life-threatening situations vis-a-vis undergoing an operation, overcoming severe pain, etc.

Long-Term Impact

Through this campaign, we aim to support the URGENT medical needs of as many patients by donating medicine to the Govt. Hospitals to assist those patients facing life-threatening situations at the hospitals, which eventually will enable them to be pain-free and increase longevity.