Are you Registered?

Yes we are registered as a Non-Profit Foundation under the Companies Act No 7 of 2007 of Sri Lanka as a Company Limited by Guarantee (the registration format used by charities).

How are you governed?

We are governed by the Articles of Association which is the Constitution of the Charity and the Companies Act No 7 of 2007 in our charitable operations. Decisions are made by the Board of Trustees under the guidance, advice and agreement of the Members of the Charity. We are required by law to file Audited Accounts as such we ensure that all the money donated is accounted for and spent for the purpose for which it is donated ensuring maximum transparency and accountability. Neither the Board nor the Members are paid any salary for the services they render in running this charitable organization.

Where do you get your funds for projects?

We rely mainly on donations made by the public, corporate donors and other donations from other charities to do the work we do.

What is the Purpose of this Charitable Foundation?

We focus on three Key areas which were highlighted as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to be achieved by 2030 for a more sustainable world.

  • Uplifting Children from the cycle of poverty assisting children in rural schools with their basic school needs such as books, shoes, stationery, school bags, musical equipment for schools, etc to give them an encouraging environment to go to school without poverty holding them back
  • Water Purification and Sanitation facilities – for remote schools and areas with poor quality of water
  • Going Green through Planting trees in school premises and lands to improve the environment for future generations.

What kind of Projects have you done thus far?

The Governing Body was formed in March 2018 and our first major project was to provide 2700 rural students in remote schools islandwide (such as Anuradhapura, Jaffna, Bakamuna, Vauniya, Padavisirpura and Mathugama) their school requirements. The project cost was Rupees 4.2 million.
For updates on the latest projects please follow our Facebook Page:

How much can I donate?

You can donate any amount you like. Every Rupee you give will assist fund a worthy cause.

How do I donate Money to a Charitable Project or as a General Donation?

You can donate in several ways:

    1. Deposit to our Bank Accounts personally or by online fund transfer (if you have online banking). If you wish you can donate monthly via standing order.


Bank account details:

Nations Trust Bank

Account Name:

Tarana Foundation

Account No:


Bank Branch:

Cinnamon Gardens

Hatton National Bank
    1. Pay Directly Online on the website for a Project you support.

To pay online please click the charitable project you would like to donate to and state how much you would like to donate. Enter your Credit Card Details and Proceed.

  1. You can also donate via Mobitel MCash or EzCash

Is it safe to Make Payment on your Website?

Yes it is absolutely safe, the payment gateway is provided by Hatton National Bank PLC with the latest cyber security.

I have donated can I attend the handing over of the project?

Yes you are welcome to attend the handing over. Please let us know when you donate if you wish to attend.

I am living abroad. I would love to help out. How do I contribute?

You can make a fund transfer to our bank account and let us know by email that you have done, and for which project you wish for us to use the funds for if it is for a specific project or donate on our website through the payment gateway by selecting the project you like or as a general donation.

We are a company can we undertake a specific project as a CSR activity?

Yes you are more than welcome to fully or partially undertake any CSR project and showcase the work done by your organization for corporate reporting purposes in Annual Reports, etc. You can either assist us through a financial donation after looking at estimated costs for the project or donate materials required for the project purchased by your organization. We will issue you a receipt acknowledging the said donation. We will inform you in advance of the date of handover so that your employees and staff are welcome to attend the handing over of the completed project; and hence personally feel the satisfaction and joy of giving back to society.

How do I take part in helping Tarana Foundation?

You can help us in many ways :

  1. Assist us by donating money to a Charitable Project you or your organisation feels passionate about
  2. Undertaking to do an entire project we have highlighted as requiring assistance by yourself, with your friends or by your organization as a CSR project
  3. You can donate the items required for a project (eg. School books, stationery, shoes, wash basins, water closets, water purification machines, etc)
  4. Volunteer for our projects

I have a question to ask – can I speak to someone personally?

Yes you most certainly can, we are always ready to assist. Please contact Suranjani on 0777281750 or email us your queries to EMAIL :