Tarana goes live on GlobalGiving!

Tarana goes live on the international Global Giving Fund Raising Platform at 6.30PM Sri Lankan time today 8th June 2020!

Our project has been approved for the Accelerator program which requires us to raise a minimum of $5000 before the end of 26th June 2020.

Our target is to raise $10,000 within the time frame to cover the costs of the 2020 Year School Children’s needs such as School bag, stationery, shoe voucher for over 3000 underprivileged rural children. This is a yearly project which we have been doing for the past 2 years and have reached over 6,000 rural school children.

We will also provide much needed Water (tube wells, wells, water storage tanks, etc) and Sanitation facilities (new toilets & upgrading of existing run down toilets) in these areas.


Most of the remote schools are facing the problem of lack of water; which has hindered them from being able to reopen schools, due to the COVID19 crisis. As essential hand washing & hygiene facilities cannot be provided by these schools.

“This issue of water leads to a more disgusting situation in government schools that is rarely or never paid attention to. The School Census Report data reveals, of all schools in the island, only 35 percent have pipe borne water. This very clearly suggests that around 6,500 schools are without washrooms and toilets. Even in schools where there is water on tap, there is much doubt many of them have washrooms and toilets that can be tolerated. With COVID-19 spread, these being common facilities, they have to be maintained all through the day as hygienically clean.
It should now be clear that reopening of schools is more complex than numbers the minister provided. Therefore, it is important to focus on what answers could be worked out to reopen schools. The first and the most important condition that must be addressed before schools are reopened is providing a regular, uninterrupted supply of water that can meet the necessities of both students and the teaching staff. That is the most urgent responsibility of the education department under any circumstance.”

Source : http://www.slguardian.org/2020/05/sri-lanka-students-not-only-factor-in.html

We hope to cover the needs of as many schools as possible in Ampara, Anuradhapura & Jaffna Districts so that children can attend school without worry for their health.

If we raise the minimum of $5000 on the Global Giving Platform it provides us access to permanent Membership on the platform to continue to seek fund raising for future projects which will be of similar nature and thus help us to continue to create positive change year on year and reach a wider audience.

Your donations big or small will create a wave of change to create a positive impact in the lives we touch. Come partner with us on this noble mission. May you & your families be blessed for your generosity & kindness.

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